Enjoy! We are sure you will!

Hebrew is gender specific, which that there are masculine and feminine nouns, verbs etc. These are conjugated according to whether they describe something that is male, female, singular or plural, and in the case of verbs, whether they are in the past, present, future or imperative (command form). Yu will be alerted to these aspects where relevant.


Gli autori di Hilarious Hebrew concludono la presentazione del libretto con l’ augurio che il lettore possa divertirsi. Sono sicuri che si divertirà.

Enjoy! We are sure you will!



Leonard Cohen

Si può leggere in The Canadian Jewish News:

Since 2014, the book has sold thousands of copies worldwide and received numerous awards, including one from Foyles bookstore in England, which Breuer calls “a very old, very traditional English institution.” The Jewish Agency in London even purchased copies to present to new immigrants to Israel. 

Yael Breuer

Eyal Shalit

Aubrey Smith


Yael Brewer & Eyal Shalit, Hilarious Hebrew. The fast and fun way to learn the language (Illustrazioni di Aubrey Smith)

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