Jews do not aim to control the world

Per demonizzare gli ebrei e Israele, ogni mezzo è stato considerato utile. Manfred Gerstenfeld  parla di ‘false statement’ e ‘distorted arguments’ fino all’incitamento all’azione, ‘the call for action’, che porta all’estremo della violenza genocida.

Tra le bugie maggiormente diffuse vi è quella secondo la quale gli ebrei sarebbero responsabili della morte di Gesù.

In Christian religious anti-Semitism, the main factual lie was that “the Jews killed the son of God”. Van der Horst stresses that the accusation that the Jews were responsible for the murder of Jesus could not be true, as the Jews in Roman times had no power to kill anyone. “ Everything we know from other sources tells us that Pilate was thoroughly unscrupulous and ruthless. The idea that he would save a person from capital punishement because he thought he him innocent is not historical and almost ridiculous.”

Gesù e Pilato Gesù e Pilato, Miniatura tratta da “Storia di San Gioacchino”, Biblioteca Reale, Torino

E ancora, gli ebrei non usano sangue cristiano per i loro riti e gli israeliani non uccidono i palestinesi per riutilizzare i loro organi.

Jews do not aim to control the world. Unlike Christianity and Islam, Judaism does not seek to convert nonbelievers, which is the precondition for a religion or ideology if it wants to achieve global dominance. In fact, it is rather difficult to become Jewish since conversion requirements are strict. Jews did not poison wells in Europe during the Middle Ages.

E infine,

Jews are not pigs and monkeys or other animals.


Manfred Gerstenfeld, The war of a million cuts. The struggle against the delegitimization of Israel and the Jews, and the growth of new anti-semitism



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