As demons and murderers. Antisemitismo e Islam

Un altro breve brano tratto dall’ Introduzione di Lethal Obsession. L’autore, Robert Wistrich esamina il risorgere dell’antisemitismo nei paesi arabi sul quale hanno influito tra l’altro gli scritti dell’egiziano Sayyd Qutb, influente teorico del fondamentalismo sunnita vissuto negli Stati Uniti dal 1949 al 1951. Fu in quegli anni, scrive Wistrich, che Qutb iniziò a nutrire un odio profondo per il mondo occidentale che considerava decadente e corrotto.

The problem of Islam in Europe has undoubtedly been aggravated by the extraordinary anti-Semitic hysteria that has seized the Arab Middle East during the past decade. In 2002, I sought to summarize what I still believe to be the dominant Arab media image of Jews, as follows:
The Jews are portrayed in Arab cartoons as demons and murderers, as a hateful, loathsome people to be feared and avoided. They are invariably seen as the origin of all evil and corruption, authors of a dark, unrelenting conspiracy to infiltrate and destroy Muslim society in order to eventually take over the world…Judaism…is presented as a sinister and immoral religion, based on cabals and blood rituals, while Zionists [are called] …racists or Nazis. The aim is not simply to morally delegitimize Israel as a Jewish State and a national entity in the Middle East but to dehumanize Judaism and the Jewish people as such.
The levels of hostility towards Israel and the Jewish people in the contemporary Arab world are indeed shocking. Even the crudest inventions of Christian and Nazi anti-Semitism have been thoroughly internalized and Islamicized.

Sayyd QutbSayyd Qutb, imprigionato da Nasser, verrà condannato a morte nel 1966


Robert S. Wistrich, A Lethal Obsession. Anti-Semitism from Antiquity to the Global Jihad

Wistrich A Lethal Obsession

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